Dr. Sam Jacoby is a chartered architect with a Diploma from the Architectural Association and a doctorate from the Technische Universität Berlin. He worked in the UK, USA and Malaysia, and taught at the AA, the University of Nottingham, Bartlett School of Architecture, State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany, and Royal College of Art. He is currently the Director of the MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design (Projective Cities) at the AA.

Jacoby is author of Drawing Architecture and the Urban (2016), guest editor of the special journal issues ‘New Design Research in Architecture and Urban Design’ by Urban Flux [城市 空间 设计] (2015), ‘Type versus Typology’ by The Journal of Architecture (2015), and ‘Typological Urbanism: Projective Cities’ by Architectural Design (2011), as well as co-editor of Typological Formations: Renewable Building Types and the City (2007).

Sam Jacoby博士是执业建筑师,毕业于英国建筑联盟协会,并获得柏林工业大学博士学位。他曾在英国,美国以及马来西亚进行建筑实践,并在英国建筑联盟学院,诺丁汉大学,伦敦大学巴特莱特建筑学院以及皇家艺术学院执教。现为AA 建筑与城市设计硕士课程总负责人。

Jacoby的专著有“Drawing Architecture and the Urban“,合著有“Typological Formations: Renewable Building Types and the City”,并为多个国际期刊的客座编辑,包括英国皇家建筑师协会官方期刊The Journal of Arhitecture的“类型与类型学”专刊,Architectural Design (AD)的“类型学城市化”专刊,以及《城市空间设计》杂志的“建筑与城市设计中的全新设计研究”专刊。


Jingru Cyan Cheng is currently a candidate of PhD by Design at the Architectural Association and her thesis focuses on Chinese countryside at levels of territory, settlement and home. Cheng has given presentations internationally, including the research on the people’s commune in Columbia University, the United State, research on Chinese rural family house, in Stockholm, Sweden, the design project of the new rural collective in Edinburg, UK and Letterfrack, Ireland, and invited talks in Beijing Design Week and Nanjing International Art Festival, China, etc. She graduated with an MPhil in Architecture from the AA (Projective Cities Programme). Her MPhil research work was exhibited at the AA Graduate Honours Exhibition, the AA Director’s Selection Exhibition, at the China Design Centre in London and in the Beijing Design Week in Beijing, and featured in ICON and Urban Flux. Prior to attending the AA, her undergraduate design project on regeneration of a traditional village was awarded as ‘Excellent Thesis’ by the Department of Education of Hubei Province, China. Cheng is the co-founder and co-director of ACROSS Architecture, an independent academic association consisting of Chinese AA graduates and current students.

程婧如现为英国建筑联盟(AA)建筑设计学博士候选人,她的博士研究关注于中国农村空间与社会模型的系统性研究与设计。程婧如在多项国际学术活动中汇报演讲,其中包括人民公社的研究(美国哥伦比亚大学国际会议),农村新集体设计项目(英国爱丁堡AHRA年度会议、爱尔兰国际会议),以及邀请演讲(北京国际设计周,南京国际艺术节)等等。程婧如在英国建筑联盟学院获得建筑学硕士,毕业设计在AA Graduate Honours Exhibition, AA Director’s Selection Exhibition,伦敦中国设计中心以及北京国际设计周展出,并被ICON杂志与《城市空间设计》杂志报道。程婧如是以AA中国校友联盟为基础的独立学术组织‘建筑东西 (ACROSS Architecture)’的联合创始人和负责人。



Prof. Dr. Gangyi Tan, Ph.D (SCUT); Vice Dean and Head of Department of Architecture at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Deputy Editor-in-chief of New Architecture; Vice secretary-general of the Chinese Vernacular Architecture Research Association; Visiting scholar at the University of Hong Kong (2010-11); Visiting scholar at the University of Sheffield, UK (2012-13). 

Prof. Tan’s publications include: 4 monographs, 50 journal papers and academic conference papers. He has been principal investigator for two projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Tan won amongst others the Honourable Mention prize by the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, the 2003 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation, the first-place Award of Excellence for a design project in Guangdong (2006), and third place award at the International Residential Design Competition (1994, Japanese Shinkenchiku).





Valerio Massaro (AA-RCA)

Research Assistant, School of Architecture, Royal College of Art

M.Phil in Architecture and Urban Design, AA

Raul Avilla (AA)

M.Phil in Architecture and Urban Design Candidate, AA

Yuwei Wang (AA)

Architect in UN Studio Shanghai (2013-17)

M.Phil in Architecture, AA

Xiaomao Cao (AA)

Co-Founder, Remapping Studio

M.Phil in Architecture, AA

Aideng Deng Ai (UCL-Bartlett)

Founder, Two Ten Four Studio

MArch., The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Dr. Shikuang Tang (HUST)

Lecturer, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, HUST

PhD in Architectural History and Theory, Tongji University

Rongwei Yuan (HUST, Teaching Assistant)

Senior Student, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, HUST

Former student of AAVS Wuhan 2016



2017 Teaching Stuff Interview
 (partially in English, partially in Chinese)


1.Would you like to talk about DESIGN AS RESEARCH,which is exactly one of the most pioneering architectural design teaching method in AA School?

2.How do you think about the possible character the collectiveform and ideology can act in the urban design and daily life of the future?

3.How do you evaluate the presentation style by the means of animated collage?

4.Which team has impressed you the most during the whole final presentation? Why?

5.Has the final work achieved the original expectation for this year’s AA Wuhan Visiting School?